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Freelancer Freedom Course

Yes! I Want to Transform My Life as a Freelancer with the Freelancer Freedom Course.

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Here’s what you get inside the Freelancer Freedom Course:
  • 21 videos from the $2,000 Freelancer Freedom Workshop
  • 5 Bonus videos of exclusive content from Stefan and Ian
  • 15 Case studies from successful freelancers that outline exactly how to get your first client (or grow your existing client base)
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group where you can interact directly with us
Plus Every single module in The Freelancer Freedom Course also includes:
  • Closed captioning for each video
  • Transcripts for each video
  • Audio files of each video so you can listen anywhere.
  • Worksheets and PDFs to go along with the videos where it’s helpful. 
Here’s exactly what you’re gonna learn in each video:
  • Video 1: What you’re going to learn and why we created this
  • Video 2: What is your WHY?
  • Video 3: Stefan’s origin story
  • Video 4: Financial Anxiety and Vampire Projects
  • Video 5: How Stefan found a dream client and structured his pay (And started making over $50k a month.)
  • Video 6: How Stefan broke out of the time for money trap and how you can do the same thing.
  • Video 7: Stefan goes back to client work…makes some mistakes…and shows you how to avoid the mistakes Ian and Stefan have made
  • Video 8: How to find your ideal clients
  • Video 9: Let’s get tactical about Freelancing
  • Video 10: How to close high-paying clients by “doing the math”
  • Video 11: What to do if a client says no to your fees
  • Video 12: The Golden Rule of Freelancing and How to Get Clients
  • Video 13: Ian’s story from 0 to six figures per year and beyond
  • Video 14: How to Get Lucky (and how luck can land you the best clients and biggest pay days of your life)
  • Video 15: You’re not a victim
  • Video 16: How to use Leverage to explode your income
  • Video 17: The 3 types of money and Time Independence
  • Video 18: Ian’s 3 Rules of Freelancing
  • Video 19: How to get your dream clients using an “80/20 replication”
  • Video 20: How to use templates to work WAY less and get clients to pay you more by measuring your results
  • Video 21: The “What’s Working Now” Email List Strategy to create an endless stream of clients that are lining up to pay you
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